What to do and what to see in Rupit

Mas El Coll is located 5 minutes away from Rupit, in a small village located in the geographical centre of Collsacabra and it offers a privileged environment for enjoying the tranquillity and the nature of the “Catalonian Switzerland”.

Rupit is one of the most charming villages in Catalonia thanks to its location in the middle of the nature environment of Collsacabra, in Osona region.

This town is 845 m above the sea, and it has amazing views of the highlands, woods and the river that surrounds it. In addition to the rural essence that it exudes thanks to its paving streets, there are certain touristic spots that cannot be missed if you happen to visit the area. Those are:

  • Pont Penjat (hung bridge): the entrance and symbol of Rupit.
  • Saint Miquel Church: a baroque style building with white walls that contrast with the rest of the village.
  • Plaça Major: the main square filled with decorated balconies and rural style shops and perfect for an appetizer.
  • Fossar street: it is made of stones and takes you to the highest part of the village.
  • Castle: built on 1000 a.C. at the top of stones and the village origin due to that was the first area where the first houses were constructed.
  • Plaça dels Cavallers: a meeting point for distinguished people of that period.
  • Ca l’Apotecari: a hardware store that has a spectacular arch doorway.
  • Notaria Soler: a building that shows the importance of the village, especially during XVI and XVII centuries.
  • Moli de Marandes: one of the few mills that survived the 1940’s flood and one of the most ancient buildings in Rupit. Now it is not operational.
  • Its surroundings also offer places to visit such as: the ermita de Santa Magdalena, a baroque style hermitage built on top of a mass of rocks with holes; Saint Joan de Fàbregues Church, Roman style and built on the same summit than the Salt de Sallent locates, a waterfall with amazing views; the Sant Andreu de Pruit Church, Roman style and with an impressive panoramic.

Nevertheless, the Salt de Sallent is the location you cannot miss at all because it is the highest waterfall in Catalonia with more than 90m of fall. It also has a viewpoint close to it that allows you to observe its magnificence and, on the opposite direction, there is the Agullola a big rock separated from the Collsacabra Cliff.

Rupit has two cycle routes, walking routes such as the Ruta de les Fonts (Fountain routes) and it has a local gastronomy specialized in hand-made products like cold meats, cocas (pies) or sausages.

There are a lot of different activities that you can do during your stay with us. For example: trips, walks or hikes through Rupit paths, the Santuari de la Salut, Sal de Sallent, les Roques Encantades (a magical area bounded to folk tales), the Tavertet ravine (with its geological history) or the camí ral Vic-Olot (which is a part of the Saint Jaume’s route), among others.

There are also available different cycle and horse routes, mushroom routes and free entrance to the municipal pool of Rupit. Moreover, at our house we also have games like ping-pong or badminton.

If you want to know more information about the activities you will be able to do during your stay, don’t hesitate and contact us!

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